Collaborate and think outside silos

CXCO has developed a series of collaboration workshops with supporting tools to help address frequently requested organisational issues. Collaboration workshops bring cross-functional teams together to think outside silos and align around shared goals, direction and solutions. The workshops are designed to help participants address complex issues and problems from a holistic systems thinking perspective and bring structure to business design decisions to guide and inform the strategic direction of the organisation.

This series of workshops can be used as part of a program to inform the short and long term direction for the business, or can be 

selected on their individual merit to address key issues at a given time. 

We also can work with you to create a workshop that meets the needs of your group, and is specific to your organisational goals. Workshop tools such as empathy maps, cards, and stimulus support each workshop, and provide a forum to leverage cross-functional intellectual property to solve business problems.

These workshops range from building empathy, to defining the business context and ecosystem, or creating scenarios to articulate the future. 

Why work with CXCO?

  • Brings clarity and focus to the business direction and aligns stakeholders.
  • Facilitates formation of a collective understanding of why the business exists, and how the business purpose, ambitions, strategic goals and plans link together.
  • Provides a holistic and exploratory means of rapidly addressing customer problems or frequent causes for complaint.
  • Enables consistent communications to teams, and supports the business in working together towards the same strategic goals and ambitions.

What are the outcomes?

  • Brings clarity and focus to the business direction and aligns stakeholders.
  • Promotes customer-centred thinking and problem solving.
  • Teams develop the skills to think outside silos and engage cross-functional groups.
  • Teams develop skills and have the tools to address complex issues holistically.

What are the different types of workshops?

Building Empathy: “walk in the world” of your customer 

The empathy workshop focuses participants on the customer or other important relationships within the value chain. We use activities to help the business holistically address issues and consider solutions through mapping techniques. We use immersion activities to orientate participants to the real world experience of the customer, and talk back sessions to share lessons learned and discuss solutions. This workshop helps your team think through solutions or the delivery experience from the customer’s perspective and builds empathy and understanding.

The future: exploring the business vision (micro)

The first workshop in the future series of workshops, involves key stakeholders from across the business. It’s primary objective is to gain alignment and consensus with regard to the business purpose, ambitions, strategic goals and plans. This workshop is valuable to run when the business has gone through significant change, there have been mergers or structural changes, or the business model is being reconsidered or challenged. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to articulate their desired vision for the business and create a shared understanding of value creation opportunities.

The future: exploring the external  forces (macro)

The second workshop in the future series explores the future environment in which the business operates. It provides participants with a structured approach to explore potential futures and articulate the context and landscape in which the business may operate in the future. This workshop is valuable to run when there is potentially significant change within the external business environment. This workshop gives participants the space to consider various scenarios and how they will react to various scenarios. 

The future: consolidating the micro and macro environment
The third workshop in the future series of workshops consolidates the desired business of the future with the potential external environment of the future. This workshop helps participants explore how each may impact the other, and brings clarity to milestones in moving from the current context to the future. This workshop helps inform decisions made with regard to strategies moving forward.

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