The CXCO story 

CXCO was founded in October 2010 with the express desire to partner with organisations to help them grow by using a holistic systems approach to strategy, customer experience and organisational engagement.

We were founded to meet a perceived gap in the market. We observed that there were many consultancies, agencies, and internal business units focused on delivering discrete user focused initiatives across channels, yet their singular focus often resulted in the creation of disjointed customer experiences, unengaged employees, and failed or costly implementations.

Increasingly we were exposed to the consequence of a consultancy delivering a strategy and walking away, leaving the internal business units or agencies the task of deciphering the strategy, finding meaning and a clear direction, and creating an action plan from often times ambiguous and lofty strategy and insight. There was a clear gap between the creation of the strategy and carrying that


strategy through to implementation, as there also was in managing the change that comes about through any transformation initiative.

We found that while many organisations had numerous customer experience or innovation initiatives they had no overarching Customer Experience Vision, strategy or guidelines to link the initiatives together. A singular focus on a product, service or channel meant that many important parts of the system as a whole were overlooked or discarded.

From this understanding we created the SEE Framework © as a means to frame customer experience projects, assess customer-centred maturity, and guide us as we work with our clients to ensure a holistic view of the business and the customer is held at all times. The S.E.E Framework © stands for Strategy, Experience and Engagement and it is the cornerstone of our approach to helping build successful organisations.