Build customer-centred design skills

A key component of developing a customer-centred culture is a focus on building the capabilities and mindset to respond to a changing market with changing customer needs and expectations. When an organisation is on the path to customer-centricity, it is crucial for employees to be able to efficiently understand the customer they serve, and have the tools, approach and thinking to be able to respond to the customer need, and facilitate solutions to a problem from a customer-centred perspective.

We help you build customer-centred design (CCD) skills through structured and customised coaching and training programs, and experiential learning on customer-centred projects. 

We work with you to help your team or organisation understand

the value of customer-centred thinking, learn the skills and competencies of the discipline, and create a framework for roll-out that works inside your organisation. This is a long-term investment in your team, and ultimately benefits the organisation as a whole.

We work with you to identify gaps in skills and knowledge and devise a program tailored to your needs and based on the maturity of your organisation. All programs follow a structured and unstructured learning curriculum, including structured workshops using practical tools, methods and techniques, coaching on the job, and support through the introduction of tools and methods that are relevant and can be applied immediately to solve business problems.

Why build customer-centred skills?

  • Build skills to develop a customer-centred culture and focus efforts on increasing customer-centred thinking throughout the business.
  • Increase understanding of the value of customer-centred thinking in your organisation.
  • Enables you to develop practical approaches to accelerate organisational impact, innovation and requirements gathering.

What are the outcomes?

  • Participants learn how to apply a CCD approach to deliver customer-centred projects.
  • Participants understand how to apply a CCD methodology, skills and tools.
  • Participants develop the skills to facilitate the business through customer-centred initiatives.

What are the different approaches?

We approach capability building in a number of ways due to the different needs, maturity and objectives of each organisation.

6mth training and support

The first is delivery of a 6 month CCD coaching and support program. The outcome of this program is to train participants in all aspects of CCD following a structured pre-written program that involves structured training and unstructured coaching and support.

Customised training and support

The next program is where we work with you to design a customised CCD training and coaching program. The course is created to leverage existing CCD tools and communicate within existing frameworks and paradigms. The outcomes of this approach is to create a tailored program based on identified needs and priorities of the organisation, and train participants in aspects of CCD that are specific to their organisations project framework, existing tools and processes, and organisational gaps.

Experiential learning

Experiential learning is where our consultants work with a selection of your team on a CCD project. Your team act as apprentices and learn from our team. The team work together, and follow a structured CCD approach to complete a real business initiative. The objective of this approach is to learn through experiencing, observing, and doing, and get exposed to all aspects of running a real CCD project. We recommend that the team participate as apprentices for 3-4 projects to develop intrinsic skills.

Case studies 

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Defining the business imperative and program to transform from a business-centred to customer-centred organisation.

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Facilitating the research, insights and design of a financial institution's collaboration platform.

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Supporting the development of customer centred design capability for a telecommunications provider.

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