Design and delivery of customer experience training

Supporting the development of customer centred design capability for a telecommunications provider.

CXCO worked with our telecommunications client to provide a structured training program for employees to build skills in customer-centred design (CCD). CXCO designed, developed and facilitated the delivery of training modules across numerous business teams. The aim of our engagement was to equip employees with the necessary skills to apply CCD methodologies to understand customers’ needs and pain-points, and to improve their interactions and experiences with the organisation.

The opportunity

Our client was in the early stages of providing a new service across Australia and was focused on becoming a customer-centred organisation. Whilst insights from customer research were being applied to the product development process, the organisation needed to provide a more formal training program to build the skills of teams across the business in customer centred thinking and methods.

This telecommunications provider wanted to upskill their team members through interactive workshops that were hands-on, promoted learning, and built excitement and interest. It was imperative that workshop tools and reference materials could be applied by participants in their everyday business context.

CXCO’s challenge was to develop a training program to build capability within the organisation and align with its strategic goal of becoming a customer-centred organisation. The training program would be rolled out across product, quality assurance, marketing and engineering teams and ensure this Service Provider was taking a customer-centred approach to understanding and improving the customer experience.

Our approach

Icon_ Explore v3Discover

A scoping workshop with stakeholders identified the current training assets, needs, and objectives. This was followed by a capability audit to understand current skills and gaps, and attitudes to customer-centred design methods and tools. Findings, recommendations, and learning and development opportunities were presented to the client and inputted into the subsequent training program development. 


Icon_ idea v2Training module design

CXCO developed a module to support and complement internal processes and tools; develop skills in interpreting insights to inform the product development process; and build a training program to be applied across quality assurance, marketing and engineering. 


Icon_ Tools v2Tools and resources

CXCO developed tools and reference materials that participants were able to use during the session and apply back in the workplace. The training module was delivered to 16 product managers. Participants were encouraged to apply what they learnt inside the learning environment to everyday business problems, coupled with work-based activities. 


Icon_ Research v2Post module learning

The concepts introduced and practiced in the workplace context were re-enforced through post-module learning activities and coaching. This encouraged participants to explore problem solving from a customer-centred perspective to guide solutions in the business context.

Customer experience training module_img02CXCO developed tools and reference materials as key deliverables to the client.

Key outcomes


Our client met its business objectives of building capabilities, skills and processes to assist in becoming a customer-centred organisation.
TickTeam members were introduced to customer experience concepts including how to undertake insights activities.
TickParticipant feedback on the training stated that it was interactive, hands-on and fun training that succeeded in promoting learning and interest by those who took part.