Create a vision to support change

The vision document articulates a vision for the enterprise, business, customer or employee. It is the cornerstone for defining future state experience and business initiatives and engages the organisation through a clearly and succinctly defined proposition, supported by goals, principles, guidelines, and initiatives. The Vision on a Page© defines the primary value proposition, and links the  

proposition to a tangible representation - such as a product, service, channel or business model innovation. You can use a Future State Vision to tangibly illustrate and simply communicate a desired future, support a business case, gain funding, align cross-functional teams, and help business units plan, measure and track their success.

Why work with CXCO?

  • We help you clearly visualise the direction of the business.
  • Our Vision on a Page© succinctly articulates the promise and the impact to the business.
  • We help you engage employees and enable them to deliver on the strategic goals and direction.
  • Our Vision on a Page© helps the business to stay on track by having a visual reminder of the strategy and direction.
  • We help you align cross-functional business units by visualising activities they need to accomplish together.

How can a future state vision be used?

  • To tangibly illustrate a desired future to support a business case and gain funding.
  • To clearly and simply communicate a direction and outcomes to all levels of the business.
  • To align cross-functional teams and unify communications across the business.
  • To help business units plan, measure and track supporting initiatives and their success.

Case studies 

Future state experience_ img 02Health care future state design

Design the future state customer experience of a Health insurance transformation program.

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Digital legal experience_ img02Digital legal experience

Research and design of a future state digital online court and e-filing user experience.

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Collaboration platform_ Deliverable01Collaboration platform design

Facilitating the research, insights and design of a financial institution's collaboration platform.

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