Experience design and innovation

Designing valuable experiences and finding the right opportunities can be a difficult and costly process. Without a systematic and repeatable process in place to identify and develop customer experience opportunities, organisations can select ideas to develop based on single dimension metrics or a “gut feel” rather than a structured validation process. When we work with you, we bring a solid, repeatable, and collaborative approach to experience design and innovation. We use a combination of workshops, observation studies, inquiries and qualitative analysis to identify opportunities, and use convergent and divergent thinking informed by customer, business and market insight and foresight to identifying unmet needs and a clear point of differentiation.

By applying a holistic customer-centred approach to experience strategy and design, organisations save time and costs, accelerate innovation and time to market, and increase organisational value and growth.

Why focus on your customer?

In the current climate, many businesses are focused on the operations of cost cutting and reorganisation, and with budgets being cut and sales under pressure to hit targets, focus on the customer experience is often forgotten.

This approach while seemingly beneficial in the short-term and will leave the company struggling to respond to competitive and market forces.

Key reasons to focus on your customer now:

  • Customers, now more than ever, have a louder, stronger voice.
  • Statistics show that over 85% of customers quit doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.
  • 60% of customers will pay more for a better experience.
  • Poor customer experiences are costing organisations billions each year due to defections and abandoned purchases. 
  • It makes strong business sense to focus on the customer experience, even when budgets are tight and pressures are high.

Why work with CXCO?

At the outset, customer insight brings understanding to how customers experience your organisation, how they interact with you across channels, and what they expect from their interactions.

Our approach helps you identify opportunities, prioritise them, design them, and align them to your organisation's capabilities and direction.

 Key reasons to work with us:
  • We reduce complexity by defining the experience from a holistic perspective.
  • We know how to provide leading indicators BEFORE the customer has the experience.
  • We can help you increase NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores.
  • We provide an evidence base to minimise risk and proceed with confidence.
  • We remove subjectivity from decision-making.
  • We design solutions that are valuable and sustainable.
  • We provide insight to address root cause issues.

What is our approach?

Our approach to experience design and innovation can be applied to customer experience initiatives that span multi-channels, or are specific to one channel, product, service, interaction or touchpoint across the value chain. We work with you to create the experience strategy, the conceptual direction, and the detailed design; and act in an advisory capacity when you come to manage, execute and measure the experience. We follow three key stages:

Stage 1:

The first stage provides a focused means of gathering business intelligence and insight; defining the objectives and scope of the engagement, and identifying the customer groups to include in the qualitative research stage.


Stage 2:

The second stage provides a means to understand the customer through qualitative insight. We use ethnographic techniques such as diary studies and contextual inquires to understand the unarticulated needs of the customer, and to identify opportunities to differentiate and meet expectations. We articulate the insight through journey maps, behavioural profiles, opportunity maps, and principles and guidelines.

Stage 3:

The third stage is where we develop opportunities and create concepts across any touchpoints that makes up an experience. We test and refine the concepts through prototypes and participatory co-creation workshops with customers and business stakeholders. This process is rapid, agile and iterative, and designed to surface the opportunities that will provide the greatest value to the customer and the business.

What are the outcomes?

A customer-centred approach can be a new way of thinking for many organisations, involving a shift from an expert driven, internally focussed business culture to one that balances the needs of its customers with that of the organisation. We manage change throughout the process and work with you to build the capabilities and frameworks to ensure your customer experience initiatives are a success.
Key outcomes are:
  • Reduction in costs, time and energy.
  • Identification of opportunities to differentiate and increase acquisitions and retention.
  • Delivery of valuable experiences that can increase your profit margin.
  • Acceleration of the requirements gathering process.

Worth noting?

We don’t use or believe in focus groups as we know what customers say is often not what they do, so we prefer to observe them, and from this probe into their behaviour. If we ask them what they want, they will either not tell us, tell us what they think we want to hear, or if they do tell us something new, then they are probably also telling your competitors.