Organisational change

The success of a business or customer strategy rollout can be strongly influenced by the levels of engagement in the organisation. Developing a customer-centred culture can take years for large established organisations. All organisations are different and have different needs based on their maturity level and organisational focus. We use a collaborative approach to design organisational engagement programs, and provide supporting tools and thinking to help the organisation respond to complex issues from a holistic human-centred perspective.

Our approach to organisational engagement enables an organisation to prepare for the impact of innovation and build the capabilities needed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Our programs are developed as part of the support structure for strategic innovation or customer experience initiatives, and ensure the strategy is executed with sensitivity to employees, business units, and existing assets and capabilities.

We offer three key components within an organisational engagement program capability building, business design, and development of communication and engagement tools.

Why work with CXCO? 

  • We ensure the business can execute on the strategy by identifying and developing capabilities.
  • We help you build alignment and develop a customer-centred mindset.
  • We help you engage employees and empower them to deliver on the strategy.
  • We help you develop skills to facilitate the business through customer-centred initiatives.
  • We align capabilities with business goals and strategy to increase likelihood of success.
  • Our approach increases alignment and buy-in through different levels of the organisation.

Capability building

Through experiential learning, coaching and structured training in customer-centred techniques we help you build skills and develop a mind-set that is customer centred. We approach capability building in a number of ways due to the different needs, maturity and objectives of each organisation.

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Business design

Our approach to business design is delivered as part of the support structure for strategic innovation or customer experience initiatives, and is designed to ensure the strategy is executed with success. We gather insight on the business through interviews, surveys, skills audits, document and asset reviews, and collaborative workshops. We transform this insight into clear recommendations specific to the people, processes, systems, structure, capabilities and measures needed to support the strategy. We work with you to design the new structure, find the right people, build the skills of your existing team, and redefine the business engagement and delivery framework to ensure you have a methodology that is customer-centred and adequate to deliver on the strategic goals and customer promise.

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Engagement tools

Communication tools are used to increase employee engagement and understanding, and are created to support the business or customer strategy. The tools are designed based on how your organisation currently learns and accesses new information, and can be delivered through existing communication platforms. The strategy is extrapolated into a specific set of guidelines and operations for each channel or business unit. This helps employees understand the strategy on their terms and relative to their business environment. 

What are the outcomes?

  • Alignment of backstage components with the front stage customer experience.
  • Alignment of organisational structures, process, and KPIs with strategic goals.
  • Linkage of front stage interactions with backstage support processes and systems.
  • Provision of a clear plan to bridge the gaps in resources, skills and capabilities.
  • Articulation of the strategy specific to different channels to increase engagement.