Strategic insight and experience strategy

CXCO work with our clients to help them understand what customers value, need and expect and to identify high-value opportunities to create a differentiated service proposition for their customers. We communicate the insight through tangible decision-making and customer experience governance tools that enable strategic and objective decision-making, and increase engagement, empathy and understanding.

We utilise ethnography and observation of customer behaviour, qualitative and quantitative analysis, design thinking, customer journey mapping, prototyping and participatory design to enable organisations to understand root-cause issues,  to identify opportunities, find meaning, and define direction, to guide strategic decision-making, and to design human-centred businesses, services, and products.

We use frameworks and tools from disciplines in behavioural science, design thinking, systems design, strategic foresight and futures, organisational design, and ethnography.

Our approach supports the change process and builds buy-in through a combination of workshops, briefings, interviews, and co-design activities. These activities are designed to align your teams and provide an open, collaborative and structured approach to engage across the organisation.

What are the benefits?

  • Clear understanding of your customer and the opportunity based on their value drivers and needs.
  • Decision-making tools founded on insight that enable objective decisions at all levels of the organisation.
  • Increased alignment and buy-in across diverse stakeholders engaged through collaboration activities early and often.
  • A greater degree of alignment between leadership, management, staff and customers.
  • A strategic roadmap that is high-value, designed from the outside-in, and relates customer touchpoint design to internal capabilities needed to deliver.
  • Clear guidelines and principles that ensure consistent execution across group functions.
  • Increased stakeholder alignment and consensus to support change.


Why work with CXCO?

CXCO has a reputation for high quality, rigorous, evidence-based customer experience insights and design. We have worked with large complex organisations through to discrete service teams. Our clients are Tier 1 organisations that typical bring us in when they need to:

  • Respond to a rapidly changing environment, market, and customer need.
  • Understand their customer relationships and identify opportunities to create additional value through product, service, and business model innovation.
  • Optimise or redesign a customer, supplier or partner experience.
  • Accelerate innovation and requirements gathering.
  • Find meaning from existing research.
  • Build internal customer centred capabilities and prepare for the delivery of transformation programs.